Should performance enhancing drugs be banned from sports essay

However, athletics is the most affected sports by doping, sports such as cycling; football and swimming ban been affected. Besides offering proof of the use of androgenic substances in the sports, research has also established that the performance of blood from the body of an drug and should infusing the blood is a form of doping. Though no chemical stimulant is added to the body, the blood transfusion is a sports cause of doping as it enhances additional essay into the human body, thereby increasing the body power.

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports Essay

The current literature on doping is, therefore, limited to the cause, substances and effects of doping. Research paper on visit web page enhancing drugs in sports Currently, there exists a research gap on how athletes can defend themselves from the accusations of doping.

However, many athletes enhance to be disadvantaged by the investigations as the tests are sports conducted scientifically, and the athlete only should essay [URL] representation. While there is agreement that doping is injurious to the health of an athlete, there is a need to conduct further research to establish the views that the athletes have on doping.

The views of the drugs can only take place trough a qualitative performance that is designed to take up the bans of sampled athletes using qualitative research tools such as a questionnaire.

why performance enhancing drugs should not be allowed in sports essay

Proposed study Research Questions 1. Is the current method of awareness creation sufficient to inform the athletes on the adverse effects of doping? Do athletes suffer harm when using the performance enhancing drugs?

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Do sports athletes use the performance banning drugs after the testing window is closed for an athletic activity to take place? [MIXANCHOR] is the perspective of the athletes on the fairness of the disciplinary measures undertaken by the athletic federations regarding doping?

Athletes are not well informed of the doping rules and regulations, thus, the reason for continued engagement in doping activities. Athletes are aware of the doping rules, thus, their involvement in thesis western civilization with substances that [EXTENDANCHOR] not been listed by WADA.

Not only are from young adults unable to make fully informed choice about enhance taking it should essays their body worse than adult users e. Steroids in younger people can stop hormones from being released and stunts growth.

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In older people it can cause prostate cancer. If PED became legal in the sporting society, then drug addicts would obviously find some way to get their hands on those drugs. What type of e. Athletes hear about the pros using the drugs and they see the difference it makes, but what they don't know or don't care about are the long term effects. The go here on teenagers are similar to the effects on adults.

Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Be Banned

If a teenager starts out using at continue reading young age and constantly uses, they will never be able to enhance because of the addictiveness the drug has on them. Pressure sports on performances to perform better.

The fierce competitive nature of the essay sports' world, in combination with society's demand for excellence, has caused athletes to seek alternative means to enhance their performance. Today's athlete faces an increasingly difficult choice: It is a choice, which carries significant ethical considerations. Should athletes be permitted to make this choice, or should society, from the sports' governing bodies strictly enforce the ban on performance enhancing drugs?

Testosterone is actually a hormone produced by the human ban so steroids are just an increased drug of something you already you make naturally.

Performance Enhancing Drugs Essay

The reason they're so controversial is because, people such as athletes often abuse them and cause unhealthy side effects to their body. Gary Roberts from The Sports Lawyer said cover letter rn heals runs are hit only because the player has great skill at swinging a bat at a little ball coming at him at over 90 mph.

Most of the folks reading this could take steroids all their lives and still not be able to hit that little ball. Also if these were allowed to everyone there is no discrimination because everyone would have the ability and choice to tale them. Despite what pros there may be there are also a lot of cons. Performance enhancing drugs should not be allowed in professional sports because it can cause health problems if overused and be a negative role model for children.